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Date(s) - 22/06/2016 - 18/08/2016
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Tuapse, Russia

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During this EVS 10 volunteers from Slovakia got a chance to experience the whole process of development and implementation of various projects, activities and events for children and youth. They were involved in different activities – logistic aspects of preparation projects/activities/events, the tasks related to multimedia (taking picture, making posters, videos), promotion, creating/updating website and  involved and leart about non-formal education, its methods and tools. Hosting organization „Scientific Advisory Center“ organize each year (from 2009 already) International Communication MOST camp that involves around 600 childrenwhich is aimed at the personal enrichment, promotion of healthy lifestyle, prevention of the alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction, improvement of communication skills, teaching to tolerance, getting know new cultures, creation of friendship, self-expression and learning English to children.

You can check also amazing video which they made here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwhT1dypKnQ

Here is article from Michaela, Helena and Elena who wrote it in English (the rest are in Slovak language):

“In my opinion EVS or European Exchange program is the best way how to getting  know myself.  In these 2 month I found out lots of things about my character and my skills which I didn´t know before. I learnt to express my opinion, ideas and feeling. I used to be introvert and not talkative but now I am more confident to talk about something.  I improved my language skills and I met lots of new and amazing people, I discovered new things about  countries and their culture. I visited lots of  beautiful places and I could live in another way that I was use to. Sure there was some problems, but we figured it out and than it was fine. Nothing is perfect. At least we  learnt to solve the problem by ourselfs.”


” Russia – my big dream . I admit that the country I have started to love during my studies of Russian language at primary school. When I saw offer IST to go to Russia as a volunteer, I did not hesitate. I immediately sent a curriculum vitae and motivational letter . When I was chosen I was very happy. What are my feelings about activity with children in the Bridge Camp? Mainly I enjoyed an activities with children. The children were very friendly. I am self-taught in Russian language and I do not understand some phrases, they explain me it. I helped Russian animators with creating costumes on the evening performances, as well as I helped to prepare various sports activities. Negative was that certain conditions were not respected by Russian organization but I value my stay as positive. I met many young people from different countries. I knew the mentality and culture of the Russian people. I could improve myself in Russian language. I feel more confident and especially I do not afraid of traveling abroad. “


My stay in Russia was full of unexpected experience. During the sessions of Summer camp – MOST Camp, I met more than 20 Erasmus+ participants from all around the world and was in Kid Leaders team with more than 30 young people from Russia. I had a chance to work as a volunteer kid leader in a cooperation with one Italian leader in a first session, and we took care of the children at the age of 9-12. In the second session I worked with the 13-18 years old children with my colleague – a Spanish kid leader. I came to Russia with very energetic team of young people from Slovakia, which I could only dream about. I could rely on them every time I needed. We enjoyed working and traveling together.

 But I would like to describe my activities in the camp more closely. During my volunteering, I was involved in creating and playing games, making choreography, preparing evening party program, teaching English, singing international songs, teaching guitar, presenting Slovak culture, making movie, playing theatre, social games and many more. I mostly enjoyed just spending a free time with children from a different parts of Russia. They thought me Russian language by playing games or talking about different topics. Mostly about their lives. They explained how it is to be a young person in this country, shared their positive experiences and problems. I realized that Russia is a very big country with full of paradoxes and inequality, regarding the wealth, gender, race. I was surprised by stereotypes about woman, and foreigners in general.

I considered my mission there, as to open topics that are being discussed in Europe. How need of education, knowledge of different cultures, tolerance and peace is desperately needed nowadays.  This program helped me to understand that needs of young people are the same everywhere in the world.

I have to say that despite the fact, that the quality of the food, accommodation and communication with our Russian mentor was not always a satisfactory, I had a very intensive experience, which I could highly evaluate.