NVC for Post Pandemic Youth Work

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Date(s) - 05/02/2022 - 13/02/2022

Fonyód, Hungary

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NVC for Post Pandemic Youth Work was an international project developing competencies of youth workers to practice and embrace communication in a nonviolent way – observing and acknowledging own and others’ needs, recognizing and expressing emotions, building peaceful relations with other coworkers and young people. The aim of the project was to prepare youth workers and leaders, project coordinators, to deal with post-pandemic situations of conflict, tension or misunderstanding in their work environment, where meaningful communication ways and reaching a compromise are needed for the common good, growth and harmonic co-being.

As much as conflicts are natural for human relations, our concern is for them not to be perceived primarily “bad” and in this way not to let them threaten the basic sense of safety. That type of attitude towards conflict, very often, leads us to violent defensive reactions. At these moments we lose the resource that conflict situations contain and carry in itself.

Competencies to be in contact with your own needs, and communicate them out to others, are especially valuable in this context, working with multinational and cross-cultural groups, youth at risk, migrants, where backgrounds and culturally defined understandings are shaping the strategies how people meet the needs. They are very often qualitatively different from one another and leading to the inappropriate, irrelevant interpretations of each others’ behaviors and words, accordingly – to frustration, disharmony and destruction in the communication process and

Participants were from Finland Finland, Germany Germany, Netherlands Netherlands, Italy Italy, Sweden Sweden, Turkey Turkey and Slovakia Slovakia