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Youth Exchanges

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Probably everyone likes to travel, meet new people, get know new cultures, places, but also everybody wants or needs to either learn or improve skills and knowledge, right? Therefore, we offer a unique combination of travel and education through various YOUTH EXCHANGES! We send young people aged from 14 to 30 years for the various youth exchanges to various European countries. The topics of the youth exchanges are very diverse, such as: sport, healthy lifestyle, environmental protection, rural development, business support, volunteering, cultural awareness and many others

Youth Exchanges are intended for all young people (it is not a condition to be a student) who want to learn and experience something new, meet young people from different countries, improve their English…. There is an age limit for each project – most projects are for young people between 18-30 years old, but some offers are for young people who are only 14.

For each project, we publish for whom the project is primarily intended and who can apply. At least a basic knowledge of English is required, as the entire program is conducted in English. Each exchange includes participants from different countries  it usually lasts 7-10 days.

All projects are conducted in the form of non-formal education. This means, that there is no teacher or professor and participants only listen passively, but it is focused on the active involvement of the participants in the educational process. During the project, participants learn about the certain topic through various workshops, discussions, excursions, role-plays, team work under the supervision of a facilitator, trainer or leaders.

More photos of these projects can be found on our site:

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