Training course Authentic YOUth

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Training course Authentic YOUth

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I recently returned from the 8-day training course, which took place in Čičmany, Slovakia. It was a new experience and a challenge for me because the main focus was on body communication which is the opposite of my usual overactive mind so I had to go out of my comfort zone. Not an easy task to go against what is automatic but it turned out to be an amazing and life-changing experience. 

Already from the beginning, from our first evening together, I felt very comfortable with the group, which only strengthened as the days passed by. The trainers did an incredible job, firstly because of their extensive knowledge and experiences but also because of their unique and out-of-the-box approaches, open-mindedness and being there with their open hearts. That contributed to the atmosphere they’ve created for the group. The passion for their work was tangible, which engaged us even more and I am very grateful for their accessibility and sincere desire to share and see us grow. 

We got introduced to very valuable and useful methods, from non-violent communication to somatic expressing through the body and much more. The emphasis was on the connection to ourselves with the help of the undeniable power and magic of nature. It was such a unique experience to do exercises in the forest and even the ones that I did before got completely new depth in such an environment. It was exactly what I needed for my personal processes and for my work with young people. I faced some fears, challenged myself, came to new realizations and opened some new questions because I managed to see myself and my life from a different perspective. What I appreciate the most from the program is the realization how powerful the body is and how much wisdom it holds. I underestimated it but I see what a wonderful tool it can be, helping, enabling and supporting us through our life. Towards the end of the training, we were preparing our own workshops for each other. It was a fun, creative and insightful day, adding up to the whole experience. 

At the same time, a lot of learning came through personal interactions and conversations in the group. The participants were from many different backgrounds and cultures but we established a very strong connection and offered support and encouragement to each other and at the same time had a lot of laughter together. I felt so safe within the group, which helped me be more vulnerable. I was even sharing some deep painful parts of myself that needed to be seen and I felt so accepted and appreciated. For me, it was very emotional and it touched me deeply. I also believe I created some friendships that will stay with me, hopefully forever.

As a final word, I want to say that I was quite challenged during this experience which is a good thing because it enables people to keep evolving and learning new things about oneself but I also developed a new appreciation and admiration for the body, now seeing it through new eyes. It is an important part of me with its own intelligence and wisdom that I didn’t treat with the care that it deserves. I highly recommend this training course to anyone who is brave enough to step into their authenticity with the assurance that it is more than worth it.

Maja from Slovenia

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