Welcome to Europe

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Welcome to Europe

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In May, we participated in a project in the picturesque Spanish village of Villablanca called “Welcome to Europe,” where we delved into the topic of migration of refugees and immigrants to Europe.

Although it was the first such project for all five of us from our team, everything went smoothly. The ADEL organization explained everything to us in detail, and we couldn’t wait to get started. We had a feeling that this exchange would be something different, something we had not experienced before. And indeed, it was. Right from the first day, we knew that when our last day in Spain came, it would be hard to leave.

The project was amazing. We all enjoyed it very much. We learned a lot – about the topic and about the culture of others. We always had something planned, and the possibilities of what to do were endless. Each day started with a short, fun warm-up exercise that woke us up from the previous day. One day was dedicated to a trip, where the organizers took us to the small seaside town of Ayamonte and then to a beautiful sandy beach.

We made new contacts and gained experiences. It exceeded our expectations by far. The organizers and participants were kind, but above all, human. It was unforgettable. We are very grateful that we could be part of the project. I hope that through Adel, we will have such an exceptional opportunity in the future as well. Thank you,

Nikola and David 😀

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