Resolve: Life After Brexit

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Date(s) - 15/10/2021 - 19/10/2021

Budapest, Hungary

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Selected participants

RESOLVE: Life after Brexit provides an opportunity for young people to engage with each other as members of the RESOLVE: Network and with decision-makers on a local, regional, national, EU and international-basis to share their thoughts, opinions and participate in democratic practices and social action, specifically in determining the future of the UK and its relationships with the EU and beyond!

Now that Brexit has occurred and a Trade deal has been agreed, the UK and the EU can now move forwards and young people should be a part of the building this new future. RESOLVE, is a dialogue-focused, network and social action project providing an opportunity for young people affected by these dramatic changes to engage, debate and influence UK, European and neighbouring countries’ decision-makers.

RESOLVE programme will mobilise a range of reconciliation and peacebuilding techniques including
People to people dialogue
Debate for Peace
Simulation games
Mediation techniques
Effective communication & advocacy

Learning outcomes:

  • Conflict Resolution through practical reconciliation for development learning
  • The development of non cognitive Life Skills
  • Social Action & Network Management in learners
  • Intercultural and reconciliation communication skills
  • Understanding facilitation, training and project delivery and the use of reconciliation methods/techniques
  • Continuous Professional Development record training
  • Effective communication and advocacy for reconciliation and social change