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Date(s) - 26/10/2017 - 01/11/2017
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Izmir, Turkey

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Summary what was project about: 

Addiction is continue to use the substance despite the negative impact on the lives and health. Another feature of addictive is after somebody starts using the substance, he/she can not stop him/herself. Addiction is a brain disease and it must be treated necessarily. Addiction have a behavioral, social, biological and genetic causes, but none of these causes is enough to explain this disease. Although there are many factors in the process in which substance abuse is turning into drug addiction, it is actually a biological process. There are many important reason to start using subtance and turn into addiction;these reasons are psychological characteristics of the person, genetic predisposition, environmental factors, material availability, family structure, social environment and cultural characteristics.

Addiction is a vicious cycle. Once people are curious about the matter, but also they are afraid of the effects of substance. If the curiosity defeat the fear, people try substance and say this “Nothing happens without once”. They never think they’ll use after trying once, but the expected end never comes. The next step, they deny that they have problem with the use of substance and they think the control is in their hands and believe they can outgrow whenever they want. The warning of people around them isn’t anything aside from suspicions. People whose addiction grows, they start to get addicted more than they considered. They keep trying and go around the circle to use drug in a controlled manner or to stop using it. They spend a lot of time to supply drugs, to use drugs or to get rid of it.

As a community, we wanted to carry out this project for harm of addiction via creating the activities that allowed awareness in the local people and with the help of Erasmus Plus program.

Participants were from Romania Romania, Bulgaria Bulgaria, Czech Republic Czechia and Slovakia Slovakia.


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