Citizens Occupy Rural Europe

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Date(s) - 01/03/2021 - 31/12/2022
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Slovakia, Portugal, Malta, Austria, Italy

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Citizens Occupy Rural Europe (CORE) is a Europe for Citizens project involving 5 different countries: Portugal, Malta, Italy, Slovakia and Austria. CORE will impact directly european citizens and has the aims to empower the citizens, with a bigger focus on the ones in rural areas, tackling the importance of the European Union, their own culture and to promote their active participation as European citizens.

Our aim is for the citizens to feel closer and as they belong to Europe by giving them tools and promote active participation where they can debate, share and build their own perspectives and give continuity to this thinking for a less eurosceptic and better future for Europe.


Our Alex led workshops and a presentation about the possibilities of informal education with ADEL Slovakia among young people. She was also interested in what the workshop participants were missing. How did it look at the presentation and what did Alex find out?
“During the workshop, we showed each other the possibilities within Erasmus+. We showed each other what is done on the projects and the participants taught me the new energizer. We showed each other what Youthpass looks like and explained what it is good for. We laughed, learned something new and they encouraged themselves to participate in various events or projects. Young people lack opportunities to travel and this showed them a possible way to fill it. They also lack better connections to larger cities where they go to school and for entertainment. These connections would also be great by train, which we have for free, but their railway lines are used minimally or do not have them at all.”

Local CORE Event 

We organized Europe Day in the village of Lendak, where we presented the possibilities of informal education and travel with ADEL Slovakia. Other youth organizations eRko and FACE CLUB also presented together with us. 
In addition to the presentation, we found out what the needs of people from the village of Lendak are. Among the most frequent stimuli was, for example, a public toilet in the village, while young people lack discos, or a place for entertainment, cinema, family day, secondary schools, trains, or a swimming pool.
The meeting took place in a pleasant atmosphere and a total of 40 people from Lendak and the surrounding area came to visit us.


Janka and Alexandra on conference in Malta in March 2022 

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