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Young People for Legality In Europe / corleone
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Date(s) - 13/05/2018 - 18/05/2018
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Corleone, Italy

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The issue of the defense of legality is increasingly important in Europe, both within the civil society and the institutions. To affirm the value of legality means – first of all – fighting against corruption and organized crime, as problems that affect strongly the community life, compromising its future.

On the other hand, the struggle for legality is a form of citizenship education, for the promotion and teaching of the common values of freedom, dignity, human rights, justice. Educational content that should be central in youth education.

This important and difficult educational objective requires a great methodological attention and a great creativity on the part of the different actors involved in this educational challenge.

The aim of this project is specifically to realize a youth exchange activity, which will be focused on two themes:

-the struggle for justice and legality, as an essential issue in the youth education, crucial for the future of Europe;

– the communities’ narration methods, as tools to involve young people in the education to legality.

In the framework of education to legality, we decided to focus on communities’ narration methods, as they are innovative approaches able to actively involve young people and create a significant impact on the social fabric. Indeed, through the community narratives it’s possible to enhance the stories and the values of those who fight for legality on the frontline, as well as the stories of ordinary citizens who daily choose not to pander to illegality, trying to affirm the values of common good. Telling these experiences, especially through creative media methods, effective from a communicative point of view, means the possibility to reach the hearts and the minds of many citizens, and above all makes these narratives interesting for young people, thanks to a language close to their communicative code.

The idea of this project was born in Corleone, Sicily, a symbolic and emblematic place for the struggle for legality; a place where, since 20 years, citizens have started to speak about their town, to affirm values which are different from those “told” by the criminality.



The six-day activity consists of several parts:

– Exchange of experiences among the participants, so that everyone could speak about his/her own experiences from the point of view of the struggle for legality and social justice.

– Collective video. The participants will realize video interviews about the struggle for legality in Corleone, and will participate in the creation of a web-documentary which will collect the documentation collected by the participants, in Corleone and in their places of origin, as a sort of “map of legality” in Europe.

– Realization of a final event for the community.