Support in preparing projects and obtaining grants

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Support in preparing projects and obtaining grants


Since many people and organisations contacted us and asked for help, we decided to use our know-how and experience to help other organisations, sports clubs or individuals to get funding for their ideas.
Our expertise is primarily in the field of implementing projects in the field of education and sports. We are the largest recipient of grants from the EU intended for the field of sport in Slovakia, therefore we are happy to support other clubs and federations in obtaining them. If you already have an approved project, then we can help during its implementation and project management.


The amount of bureaucracy, administration, complex terminology or unclear opportunities result in almost a third of European funds not being used.

We want NGOs, sport clubs or schools  to use the maximum potential from available funding from EU sources or other grants.

We want to help those who have ideas and motivation to change something, but do not have the experience or capacity to prepare and implement projects. In this way, we want to contribute to the solution of social, environmental and many other problems and challenges of today.

Together we will find solutions and finance for these problems and turn your ideas into concrete projects!

If you are interested in consultation or cooperation, you can contact us at

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