A week in the Spanish countryside

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A week in the Spanish countryside

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At the end of June 2023, we went on Erasmus to the Spanish village of Munilla. Everyone from our Slovakian group had a long journey behind them (especially Alex, who decided to go to the “green way” project and thus spent almost 2 days in buses), but right from the first meeting we knew that we would not be bored together. The already mentioned almost depopulated village excited us from the first moment. We were looking forward to the fact that the “Justice Cli-Mates” project will take place there.

The project was focused on ecology and climate rights. The activities we carried out during the week spent in Spain were also in this spirit. The activities brought us new information in a fun way – for example, we divided our cities into different areas or created Ikigai. We spent a lot of time in nature, one day we went to see the thermal springs, another day we had a several-hour hike. We also had the opportunity to visit the city of Logrono, where we had a tour of Europe Direct La Rioja, who cooperate with the host organization Gantacalá. However, for all food and drink lovers, the most interesting part of the day was the tasting of Pinchos – local specialties.

The evenings spent with our friends from all over Europe were special, because it was during them that we had the opportunity to get to know not only them better, but to talk about the countries they come from and create lifelong friendships. And all this while tasting local wine, which is excellent in the La Rioja region. As with every project, the Intercultural night was a must. We tasted food and alcohol from Spain, Greece, Portugal, France and Sweden.

We believe that it was a lifetime experience for each of us and we would like to thank Victor for guiding us throughout the project and the ADEL organization for allowing us to participate in the project.

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