Our Employment Super Heroes exchange in Portugal

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Our Employment Super Heroes exchange in Portugal

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I was looking forward to my project in Portugal from the moment I received the email that I had been selected. I saw this experience as an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and to experience something new. In the town of Bragança in northeastern Portugal, nearly 40 young people from Italy, Bulgaria, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and, of course, our Slovak group gathered.

During 9 days, we discussed and searched for solutions to the problem of youth unemployment as part of the ‘Employment Super Heroes’ project. Thanks to great organizers, we gained new experiences and competencies needed to combat unemployment in an informal and playful way.

An essential part of every project is, of course, the cultural night, during which we got to know the traditions, food, and customs of other countries while presenting the best of Slovakia.


The whole project was characterized by a friendly atmosphere and fun. Evenings spent watching movies together, cramming into a small room, karaoke nights at a nearby bar, and themed parties all contributed to strengthening our relationships, and we became a great group of friends. During our free time, we explored street art in Bragança, played sports and social games, and after the project ended, many of us decided to use the extra days to explore other Portuguese cities.”

From this youth exchange, I not only gained valuable experiences but, above all, new friendships and an incredible amount of memories.

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