Protect to Prevent

Mládežnícka výmena Protect to Prevent v Samobor, Chorvátsko
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Dátum konania
28/09/2016 - 06/10/2016

Miesta konania
Samobor, Chorvátsko

Typ projektu:

Youth Exchange “Protect to Prevent” was held in Samobor, in Croatia between 28 September – 6 October 2015. 30 participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Slovakia, Turkey and Croatia discussed about responsible sexual behaviour and sexual trasmitted diseases. They researched on the streets and talked to local people about AIDS, they shared their ideas and experiences and they designed their own projects connected to sexual education in schools, which they might implement in their home countries.

The main goal of the project was to provide participants with an equal opportunity to lead a healthy and fulfilled life at the same time raising awareness about the importance of responsible sexual behaviour and their possibilities of being active and socially included citizens. During the 8 day youth exchange had an opportunity to meet each other, live together and acquire new skills and knowledge.

Objectives of the project were:
– To raise interest among young people and youth organisations about prevention of risky behaviours and its effects.
– To get a better understanding of the responsible behaviour, with a strong emphasis on sexual behaviour.
– To encourage participants to understand difference between „prevention“ and “protection” in a deeper, more meaningful way.
– To support the effort young people put in resisting the media imposed picture of how their sexuality should look like.
– To offer the opportunity to meet different young people with different approach to the main theme.
– To provide an open sessions with up-to-date information about STDs and the methods of prevention/curing.
– To develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to maintain healthy lifestyle.
– To examine the support means the government could provide for adolescent mothers.
– To empower the participants with the necessary skills in order to effectively work on their self-awereness and awareness in their communities.
– To foster the cooperation between youth organizations in order to promote responsible sexual behaviour among young people and address their needs.

All our participants came home very satisfied and happy to had an opportunity to participate in the youth exchange. THANKS to the main organizer of the project – OUTWARD BOUND CROATIA!