Eating All Together

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Dátum konania
28/09/2022 - 04/10/2022

Miesta konania
Vicchio, Italy

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The overall objective was to promote the interaction between individuals, to support the value of the cultural diversity and to educate young people to know, share and enhance their cultural aspects through culinary activities. The food has by its nature a double identity value: on the one hand it underlines and enhances the cultural differences of each individual, making it the best way to access a culture; on the other hand, during shared preparation and convivial consumption, it has the ability to join individuals by breaking down the main defenses and the stereotypes they bring.

“EAT- Eating All Together” put food and related activities at the center of the participants’ reflection.


  1. To improve the capacity for dialogue, reflection and sharing. Raising awareness among participants on cultural integration and stimulating curiosity towards new cultures and traditions.
  2. To provide participants with tools, skills and abilities to promote cultural integration through food preparation and sharing. To this goal, participants will be invited to organize intercultural dinners by working as a team and sharing their typical recipes.
  3. To raise awareness of the culinary tradition both as a means to enhance the distinctive traits of one’s own culture and as a tool to come into contact with others discovering their identity.

Participants were from Italy Italy, Georgia Georgia, Latvia Latvia, EstoniaEstonia, Bulgaria Bulgaria and Slovakia  Slovakia. From each country there were 5 participants.