Gender of Leadership

Sajan Srbsko Erasmus
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Dátum konania
01/09/2017 - 08/09/2017

Miesta konania
Sajan, Serbia

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“Gender of Leadership” was youth exchange gathering together 30 young people from six countries aiming to develop participants gender awareness and strengthen their knowledge and leadership skills by using different creaCtive, artistic and campaigning methods, young people will be encouraged to freely express themselves in a friendly environment with a larger framework of building their self-confidence and leadership skills and in the same time to address gender based violence. We wanted to create activity that would enable us to focus and reflect on our gender prejudices and stereotypes and to promote gender equality.

Participants worked together on preparing a common local impact (performance), so they learnt how to communicate with each other. By exchanging their experience they saw the differences between nations and cultures, therefore the project had also an intercultural dimension. This youth exchange was designed to give young people from six participating countries an opportunity to participate in planning and organizing their own activities, to experience decision making and responsibility and to test new cultures and values, with the inclusion of young men as well, in order to work on the future of gender-balance as a concept and value.

Youth exchange was realized in the Youth Education and Meeting Centre in Sajan (Serbia).

Na mládežníckej výmene boli účastníci zo Srbska Serbia, Macedónska North Macedonia, Talianska Italy, Bulharska Bulgaria, Slovenska Slovakia a Španielska Spain.