GET UP – Gender Equality Toolkit Using Pedagogy

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10/03/2023 - 10/03/2026

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The project aims at promoting gender equality in sport through the creation and development of innovative educational tools. It is in line with all the objectives of the Erasmus+ program in the field of sport and European policies. The tools and activities conducted will have the purpose of using education in and through sports in order to promote the positive values of sport and encourage equal access for boys and girls to participate in sports and physical activity by combating discrimination based on gender. Our project is also in adequation with the horizontal priority of inclusion and diversity since by addressing gender equality in sport GET UP aims at addressing the issue of inequalities of access to sport and physical practices based on gender stereotypes and discrimination. Furthermore, the digital dimension and the environmental sustainability priorities will be covered because of the choices of organizing most of the meetings online and sharing all the resources virtually until the very final version of the outputs produced.

Transnational partners meeting and educators training in Bratislava 

The training in Bratislava took place on 17-19 April. The meeting was attended by teachers, coaches and educators who work with children and familiarized them with an innovative educational game for children aged 8-11 years old, focused on the Olympic year 2024 and the celebration of female athletes from Europe. Created by experts from the French National Museum of Sport, this game is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of women’s sport and its important personalities. The aim of the training was to improve the game and get suggestions for modifications from the experts. In addition to the training, there was also a partners’ meeting in Bratislava, where we discussed the next steps in the project and managed to have a nice time of networking and getting to know each other better.

The educational toolkit will be created collaboratively thanks to qualified partnerships by gathering 4 organizations with solid expertise in non-formal education through sports from different countries (Move to be you, ADEL, 4C, Ufolep), two organizations specialising in the promotion of women athletes and women sports representation (Alice Milliat Association, ASSIST) as well as a research laboratory specialized on innovation and vulnerabilities in sport (L-VIS), and a museum that has expertise in the production of pedagogical tools and activities related to sport (French National Museum of Sport).

It will be thought of as an educational tool for children between 8 and 11 years old. It will meet the following objectives:
– Developing their sports culture by promoting diversity in sport, its history and its practices;
– Promoting sport and Olympic values through educative activities allowing effective learning;
– Unifying learning of each child, both girls and boys, in terms of practices and knowledge to allow them to grow with similar founding principles;
– Changing learning habits about sport’s history and sporting activities for more collaborative and playful methods;
– Addressing current issues regarding sports practices from an early age in order to allow a change in mentalities regarding diversity and gender equality in this field.

Building innovative tools in collaboration with various actors of sport from different expertise and backgrounds will enhance the emergence of an increased awareness of the role of sport in promoting social inclusion, equal opportunities and a healthy lifestyle as well as a greater understanding and responsiveness to all kinds of

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