International conference “European everyday of sport”

International conference “European everyday of sport”
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Dátum konania
28/09/2017 - 01/10/2017

Miesta konania
Sofia, Bulgaria

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Záverečná konferencia projektu European everyday of sport:

Despite the growing importance attached to the promotion of physical activity in EU Member States, the previous “Eurobarometer” survey in 2009 identified “alarmingly high” rates of physical inactivity in the EU, and found that the vast majority of Europeans (60%) never exercise or play sport. The last published “Eurobarometer” survey in 2014 stated very similar data, as in 41% of Europeans exercise or play sport at least once a week, while 59% of EU citizens never or seldom do so.

Based on the gap, stated in the aforementioned analysis, it is more than visible that the importance of highlighting and promoting sport and physical activity is a priority of all European organizations, working on local, national or European level. This is why the current project proposal is aiming to find the way of analyzing, collecting and promoting the good practices in the different target groups – kids, youth, in school, working people, active aging people, in the city, in small village. We believe that the added value from the opportunity to create awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activities though increased participation in and equal access to sport for all, will contribute to the increasing of people who exercise or play sport at regular basis and all project products will be resourceful for the specialists in sport, health, youth policy, educational institutions, local authorities, NGO’s, national authorities in their daily work.

European everyday of sport project was designed to improve sharing of good practices, priority of Erasmus+ programme, to find and promote good practices from first and second edition of European Week of Sport and to encourage participation in sport and physical activity.

Promotion of tools for different professional groups to work for motivating more people to do sports in every day life – 8 good practise manuals were elaborated (How to be active every day for kids; How to be active every day for youth; How to be active every day in school; How to be active every day for working people; How to be active every day for active aging people; How to be active every day in the city; How to be active every day in small village; Good practice manual of EWoS 2015 and 2016. Each of the manuals collected the best possible practices from Europe and the world with tips for implementation of each of the topics.) – will be also presented during the conference

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