Progres – Promoting Green Strategies in Sport

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01/07/2022 - 30/06/2024

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The recent Eurobarometer about Physical Activity (2018) provides  compelling evidence about the need to promote health enhancing  physical activity across Europe. More specifically, almost half of  European citizens (46%) never exercise or play sports. Unfortunately  the percentage of European citizens who never exercise or play sport  has increased from 42% to 46%, there is evidence that Europeans are  now less likely to engage in other physical activities as compared with  a few years ago, in 2013; inactivity percentage has increased, from 30%  to 35%. the percentage of people exercising or playing sport regularly  or with some regularity is higher in Finland (69%), Sweden (67%) and  Denmark (63%), as compared to Romania, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece  (participation to exercise and systematic activity in these countries  ranges from 32% to 38%.

The project address the topic of encouraging participation  in sport and physical activity especially by supporting  Council Recommendation on HEPA and EU Physical Activity  Guidelines, since it aims at increasing of parent-child  outdoor physical activity. EU-level action can help  member-states and sport governing bodies and  authorities to more effectively address emerging and  ongoing health and societal issues such as physical  inactivity, obesity, cardiovascular and other chronic  diseases that are related to the absence of an active  lifestyle.


  1. include a desk research and field investigation to  produce an evidence base on the role of parents in  promoting children’s health enhancing physical activity
  2. use this evidence to produce educational resources  for coaches and trainers, physical educators and parents
  3. utilise new technologies for physical activity and sport  “gamification” (i.e., mobile app) to promote the  contemporary participation of adults and child and the  promotion within the school
  4. develop a network of sport stakeholders, i.e, sport  associations and sport clubs, that have a vested interest  in promoting health enhancing physical activity, and
  5. establish a thorough and extensive dissemination  plan to share this knowledge with stakeholders across  Europe.



For this project, 5 ambassadors from each country were selected to represent the interests of the project. Thanks to the ambassadors, we were able to bring the activities and sport to more families and children. The ambassadors were sports coaches or trainers and were able to reach many families with children and children from different communities through local events and testing of sports games developed during the project.


On the project’s youtube channel, you can get inspired by all the games we’ve created as part of the project. Games are fun sports activities that aim to spend more time moving and being outdoors. They can be played within the organisation, enjoyed by families with children, and are also fun at schools, training sessions and other events.

Check out our channel where you can find games not only in English but in all the languages of the project.


  1. Developing a research study on  best practices about educational  activities promoting outdoor  physical activity participation
  2. Conducting a field investigation of  physical educators’, coaches’ and  trainers’, and parents’ beliefs about  how to improve parent-chilD interactions and eventually promote  outdoor physical activity participation
  3. Developing evidence-based  educational material including  training modules for physical  educators, trainers, coaches and  parents
  4. Testing the usability and  effectiveness of the educational  material in educating physical  educators, coaches and trainers,  and parents on how to promote  outdoor physical activity  participation
  5. Developing and proposing a  European public policy to  redefine and upgrade parent-  child interactions and  facilitate outdoor physical  activity participation
  6. Creation and Develop of a  dedicated mobile app. The  development of a gamified model  to encourage people involved in  physical activity through provision  of information and rewards for  participation in outdoors physical  activities is expected to further  enhance the potential of the  project’s outputs

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