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01/01/2023 - 31/12/2024

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Gender identity is still cause of discrimination and racism in the Sport sector, while on the contrary, Sport and its values should be a vector of respectful and inclusive behaviours. The European Institute for Gender Equality in its “Gender in Sport” report (2017) underlines how “Sports are predominantly divided into ‘male’ and ‘female’ domains and in many sports mixed gender participation is not accepted. In many cases, sports governing structures and the media have sent messages that confirm these divisions rather than challenge them. Moreover, the portrayal of women and men athletes by the media reinforces stereotypical perceptions of gender roles”.

Then, focusing also the attention towards the members of the LGBTQIA+ community, through the results integrated in the report “The relevance of sexual orientation and gender identity in Sport in Europe” (T. Menzel, B. Braumüller, I. Hartmann-Tews, 2019), issued by a survey implemented at EU level, with the abovementioned target group, is it possible to understand why a high percentage of LGBTQIA+ people finds difficult to participate in Sports: “There are two forms of negative experiences which are most prominent: verbal insults (82%) and structural forms of discrimination (75%). The perpetrators behind the negative incidents are most frequently other sport participants (53%) or members of respondents own team(s)”.

#WeSport project main objective is to act as driving force of social change targeted at micro-realities (i.e. local communities, sport clubs, sport organizations and associations).
#WeSport project will initiate an educational process in all Sports aimed at:
a. Raising awareness regarding gender identity stereotypes in Sports;
b. Gender identity racism and discrimination in Sports phenomena as well as their social consequences;
c. Promote the concept that “Sports have no gender” and each person should feel comfortable to participate in whichever Sport without being afraid of being labelle