Wider Horizon

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Dátum konania
10/05/2021 - 09/07/2021

Miesta konania

Typ projektu:

Krátky dobrovoľnícky projekt na začiatku roka s cieľom vyskúšať si žiť v jednej komunite s rôznymi ľuďmi z rôznych kultúr, kde sa budete starať o priestor v ktorom žijete a pracovať ako dobrovoľníci pri rôznych aktivitách. Projekt je určený pre mladých, ktorí sú nezamestnaní alebo pochádzajú z vidieka  či iného znevýhodneného prostredia.

Project description 

Would you like to live a joyful and unique volunteering experience for two months, thanks to which you can create new opportunities in your personal and professional life once back home?

Wider Horizon is a short-term volunteering project of Olde Vechte Foundation, that takes place in Ommen, The Netherlands. By participating you have the opportunity to experience new aspects of life and of yourself: live together with people from different countries, hosted by Olde Vechte Foundation; volunteer in a practical work places; take care of your living space and organize your own free time.

Activities during the project:

As a volunteer at Olde Vechte, you will have practical tasks set up from Monday until Friday, in total 36 hours per week. The voluntary activities are practical tasks at various workplaces in and around Ommen. The program is shaped in such a way that for four days per week you are volunteering at one organization for two months Each Wednesday. we have a workshop day to enhance your volunteering experience. You will receive a bicycle to commute to the workplaces and use it to travel around in your free time. You can also use it to visit places which are closer to your accommodation and to use it to travel around for shopping and your free time.

During your stay as a volunteer, a mentor is available for your support. This person will help you with practical aspects, such as,
getting to know how things work at Olde Vechte and to show you where to go for groceries, shopping and medical institutions in Ommen. Your mentor will guide you for the whole two month period around the volunteering activities and you can reach out to your mentor for support with any issues you might come across.

You can spend your free time in many different ways: hanging out with new international friends, biking, joining karaoke evenings, dancing, playing sports, going to the swimming pool and organize it in a way that fits you.

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements

During your stay as a volunteer you will be hosted in group accommodation house Zeesse at the estate of Olde Vechte Foundation. The accommodation is in the center of Ommen nearby shops and other facilities. As a group you will live in Zeesse for two months in which you are accountable of keeping it clean and livable. In the accommodation there are 6 showers, 4 toilets and 5 bedrooms which you share with someone. There is a washing machine available as well as wi-fi connection. As a volunteer of this project you will receive pocket money in the amount of € 5,- per day, divided in weekly payments, given in cash. You will also get once per week money for food in cash (€ 5,- per day) Your traveling costs will be covered according to ESC regulations: up to 275 Euros.

Prihlasovanie je možné prostredníctvom vyplnenia prihlášky ESC Wider Horizon Short Term Application Form ktorú nám zašlite prostredníctvom emailu na esc@adelslovakia.org


Viac informácií čo ESC vlastne je si môžete prečítať v tomto článku: https://www.adelslovakia.org/moznosti-pre-vas/dobrovolnictvo-v-zahranici