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Dátum konania
01/09/2022 - 10/09/2022

Miesta konania
Dolcé Vr

Typ projektu:

Veľmi hlboký tréning o duševnom zdraví v neďalekej prírody historického mesta Verony v Taliansku.

More info about the project:

The training course will be a space where participants will be guided and invited to be active and authentic, to connect the mind with emotions and body, to take challenges, to explore openness and vulnerability in order to find their inner strength, to develop empathy, to cultivate their inspiring and transforming presence in the community.

Especially in current times the topic of mental health is crucial to be targeted. The main aim of “BeWell” is to help youth workers to grow solid roots of wellness, prevent occupational burnout and its effects in forms of depression or anxiety. Our aim is to show youth workers how to care about themselves, their mental health, how to prioritise their health from other tasks and how to teach it to the youth they work with.

Main topics

– Vulnerability: connecting with our inner self, beyond daily masks and armors

– Body-mind connection: learning through embodiment of concepts, attitudes, qualities

– Creativity: encouraging body and mind to explore and express the inner beauty waiting to be awakened

– Connection, inclusion and transformation: cultivating empathy and carefulness towards others and environment, becoming a source of positive transformation for the community

Training course is for everyone who is interested in the topic more, to meet new people and culture and wants to travel abroad from the age of 18.

Participants will be from Italy Italy, Slovenia Slovenia,  Spain Spain, Germany Georgia, Czechia Czechia, Poland Poland, Latvia Latvia, Greece Greece and Slovakia Slovakia

Accommodation and food will be provided and financed from the Erasmus + program during the whole training. Travel costs will be reimbursed up to 275 euro and there is 30 euro deposit, which will be returned after the training course.


❗️Entry to the country is changing up to the pandemic´s flow. Please check entry requirements. ❗️