Brave New You – Online

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Dátum konania
25/11/2020 - 25/12/2020

Miesta konania
Slovakia and around Europe

Typ projektu:

Keďže organizovanie mládežníckych výmen a iných projektov naživo je v tejto dobe komplikované, skúsili sme zrealizovať jednu online. 50 mladých ľudí z 11 krajín sa uplynulý mesiac pravidelne stretávali, predstavovali svoje krajiny, a diskutovali o problémoch, ktorým čelia.

Viac informácií o čom bol projekt:

In November 2020, YEU International started the implementation of the online activities in the framework of the Brave New YOU-Reloaded project, which gathers 11 partners from 10 countries around Europe.

The project tackled the issues of lack of participation of disadvantaged and less represented groups in communities around Europe. Through a process of capacity building in local and international activities, youth workers and youth organisations are developing competencies for reaching out to disadvantaged youngsters and communities. The project empowered disadvantaged young people to be community leaders, to identify and deconstruct hateful narratives, and build more inclusive narratives for their communities.

The online activities consisted of 8 different sessions, implemented from the 25th of November until the 11th of December on the Zoom platform complemented with the use of different interactive tools such as, an online gamified programme that simulates buildings, common areas, and classrooms where the participant can interact with one another through personal avatars. Through the use of the online tool, it was also possible to organise a creative and interactive intercultural night on the 3rd of December, where each room in the platform represented a country, easy to identify by the specific flag. Participants had the possibility to walk around, learn, and get to know the other local groups.

Each of the local groups prepared, before the session, a presentation in which they shared their perspective on the issues they are faced with within their communities. After each presentation, some reflection sessions were organised where the participants had the chance to share their experiences and feelings about the reality of that specific country and to suggest some possible actions to solve the issue, while being supported by the facilitators.

The online activities gathered around 50 people from the 10 partner countries and provided a space for each of the local groups to get together, share the hateful narratives they previously identified, and to work together on building each other’s competences on how to tackle them, and at the same time share practices on how to create alternative narratives.

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