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01/01/2024 - 31/12/2025

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Full project name: “Youth learning and living European values through virtual exchanges and gamification”

Young people in Europe and especially those in Eastern Europe (be it countries in the EU or in the EU neighborhood), who are more likely overlooked and under-engaged in civic life due to the disenchantment of society with politics because of the overlapping crisis of the last decade need better cooperation mechanisms among themselves, increased access to engaging non-formal education and training, including physical or virtual mobilities in order to make their voices heard. They need to learn and exercise key competences, such as active European citizenship, intercultural dialogue, navigating online media and understanding the mechanisms of disinformation and manipulation. But what is more, this learning needs to expose them not only to their immediate realities, but also to those of peers experiencing similar processes in their societies, in order to gain a broader understanding of the problematics of their times, but also to find common solutions.

The EUTEAM project aims to achieve exactly this: educate, inspire and engage youths from Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Romania and Slovakia on topics in the realms of promoting active European citizenship, promoting diversity and interculturalism in their communities, media literacy and critical thinking by means of virtual exchanges, online games, discussions, role play.

The proposed activities will give youths the possibility to engage in a full project cycle (from joining the online discussions on topics of interest to creating action plans for resolving what they consider as a challenge or need and implementing them), coupled with mentorship sessions, cross-country exchange programs and cooperation mechanisms, thus boosting their civic engagement, spreading EU values and making them more aware of their role in the society. More so, the project will also target youth workers, teachers and NGOs, who will be trained on implementing the interactive educational kit with their youth constituencies, will co-host the virtual meetings alongside the project team and will be capacitated to further implement the initiatives by attracting funding. By the end of the project, more than 2300 youths – mainly from small urban and rural communities – from Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Romania and Slovakia are expected to benefit from interactive resources and digital tools, knowledge sharing and cross-borders events. Additionally, at least 200 teachers and youth workers will benefit from training and resourceful educational kits to further strengthen youths’ civic involvement and adherence to European