FacilitateME: Empowering Facilitators through Self-Reliance and Connection

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Dátum konania
11/12/2023 - 18/12/2023

Miesta konania
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

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Our objective through the FacilitateME is to offer essential guidance to novice and intermediate facilitators within a secure, yet stimulating setting, with a primary focus on practicing process facilitation. These approaches, much like in life, vary based on the context, the targeted group, the environment, and other situational factors. Nonetheless, we firmly believe that as facilitators, we can always rely on something in every situation we encounter: ourselves.

Throughout this training, we will encourage you to explore your personal interpretation of facilitation. Simultaneously, you’ll gather valuable insights into group dynamics, their behavior, as well as tools to enrich and encourage communication and collaboration. All of this will take place in an enjoyable outdoor setting amidst the stunning Bulgarian natural landscape!

General goal & focus of the program

  • Development of active & self-conscious European citizens
  • Stimulating social cohesion & youth-understanding
  • The aim of the FacilitateME program is to develop through processes that stimulate professional development, stimulate the facilitation skills of any individual using their own strengths while building experience throughout the process. The program will also stimulate communication-resilience through practical activities.

Some of the main topics: State management, resilience, sustainable communication, cooperation, group dynamics

Training course is for everyone who is interested in the topic and is in daily contact with youngsters either as a youth worker, teacher, leader, volunteer, is part of any organization where young people are gathering, school or sport clubs, and etc. From the age of 18+.

Participants were from Bulgaria Bulgaria, North Macedonia North Macedonia, Romania Romania, Greece Greece and Slovakia Slovakia. There were 3 participants from each country.