Good Jobs Green Jobs

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Dátum konania
28/03/2022 - 05/04/2022

Miesta konania
Malaga, Španielsko

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“Good Jobs Green Jobs” (GJGJ) project was a mobility of youth workers, KA1 Training Course, under Erasmus+ and will be implemented by Asociación PROJUVEN. The training course took place in Benalmádena (Málaga area), Spain and involved 28 youth workers (18+) from 7 different countries (Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Latvia, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain).

➢ The main aim of “Good Jobs Green Jobs”
was to prepare youth workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to guide young people along a green employability path, with a focus on those generic green skills and competences that youth organizations can provide.
In this regard, some of the specific objectives of the project for youth workers were:
To understand the connection between climate change and the economy. Youth workers will explore how moving to a green economy will create different types of jobs -green jobs;
To discover what those green jobs are and what they will be and how the green economy may present young people with new career opportunities;
To learn what is the EU Green Deal and how the progressive implementation of its actions will make greener the EU economy and have the potential to create millions of new jobs for young people;
To learn what are the World of life/generic skills and methods that can support a green youth employability, which just youth workers for their proximity to young people can provide;
To raise awareness among youth workers of the urge of creating a new figure in youth organizations, the green coach, necessary for preparing and accompanying young people for future employability challenges.

Účastníci boli z Nemecka Germany, Španielska Spain, Belgicka Belgium, Talianska Italy, Lotyšska Latvia, Bulharska Bulgaria a Slovenska Slovakia. Z každej krajiny bolo po 4 účastníkov.