High 5! It’s St.Art time

High 5! It’s St.Art time
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Dátum konania
02/09/2019 - 09/09/2019

Miesta konania
Tortona, Italy

Typ projektu:

Tréning v talianskom meste Tortona v dňoch 2. – 9. septembra o využití street art and social circus pri vzdelávaní.

Zhrnutie o čom tréning bol:

The overall objective of the project was to make STREET ARTS and to use ARTS as a vehicle for educational and pedagogical processes, contents and reflections. “HIGH 5! IT’S ST.ART TIME” had the ambition to bring the “St.Art method” into new territories and contexts, sharing with others the results obtained so far and confronting new realities to improve, expand and innovate the contents and St.Art’s own methodologies.

The project, in fact, thanks to a wide and heterogeneous partnership that touches all corners of Europe (North, South, West, East), aims to build a strong network based on the common need to give answers to and address the daily difficulties of those who work with young people in increasingly complex, multicultural and constantly changing contexts and situations. This network is designed to give sustainability to the St.Art project, promoting the creation of new project proposals and new initiatives, both locally and globally, and promoting the mutual exchange of good practices and ideas.

Therefore, the specific objectives of the current proposal were:

  1. To experiment and testing innovative methodologies that combine principles and values of street arts, social circus and non-formal education
  2. To strengthen the skills of youth leaders and youth workers by providing practical tools for working with disadvantaged young people through ARTEDUCATION practices, and specifically through STREET ARTS and SOCIAL CIRCUS
  3. To increase the effectiveness and quality of YOUTH WORK and actions carried out by the partner organizations, through effective ARTEDUCATION and INCLUSION practices
  4. To facilitate the path of rapprochement between young people with fewer opportunities and partner organizations, using ARTS as a vehicle and a tool for communication, expression, participation and empowerment
  5. To create and develop meaningful human interactions and promote true intercultural dialogue through ARTS, enhancing the diversity and uniqueness of each one and celebrating shared work towards a common goal
  6. To share good practices with respect to the project themes, facilitating the creation of a network and the preparation of new project proposals with a view to sustainability and long-term commitment with respect to the St.Art project

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