Improvisation & Entrepreneurial mindset

Improvisation & Entrepreneurial mindset - školenie v Gruzínsku Erasmus
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Dátum konania
05/02/2019 - 13/02/2019

Miesta konania
Kobuleti, Georgia

Typ projektu:

Tréning Improvisation & Entrepreneurial mindset sa konal v dňoch 5. – 13. februára 2019 v Kobuleti, v Gruzínsku.

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O čom tréning bol?

Being part of the dynamically changing labour market, the new generations of youth are facing different challenges nowadays, when they are at the start of their careers. New needs and structure of the labour market appeared while the structure of the formal education remained the same. Thus, sense of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurialmindset have become extremely important.

In this training course, we tackled the topic of youth entrepreneurship, their first involvement and necessary soft skills in this field.

The aim was to introduce applied improvisation and empower youth workers to apply it to increase the sense of youth entrepreneurship. We explored attitudes of entrepreneurship, such as taking risk, creativity, problemsolving, sense of initiative, working with mistakes and other essential skills for young people.

This helped to prepare young people to get successfully engaged with the labour market, perceive their life as from entrepreneurs’ perspective, learn from each experience and take these into their local communities.


  • to develop social skills, improve sense of initiative and entrepreneurship through applied improvisation
  • to provide a space for sharing best practices focusing on using non – formal educational methods in the field of youth work
  • to introduce Youthpass as a tool for self – assessment evaluation and recognition of non-formal learning
  • to foster international cooperation between European, Caucasian and Eastern partnership regions and their neighbouring countries

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