It’s time to volunteer!

It's time to volunteer!
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Dátum konania
23/09/2018 - 02/10/2018

Miesta konania
Sibenik, Croatia

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The project aimed to increase the knowledge, competence and skills of participants in the area of promoting the value and importance of volunteering among young unemployed people and increasing the volunteer base of organizations in EU countries with a relatively low rate of voluntary active population using creative and innovative methods of conducting public advocation and information and the exchange of experiences between partner organizations. 

Participants took part in training on advocation and raising public awareness that was conducted by a professional coach (PR expert). The main activities also included workshops on which participants discussed the actual state of volunteerism, developed new ideas, activities and methods of work with young people, commented on the most common problems that organizations face while organizing voluntary actions and general work with volunteers, exchange experiences and practices among the participants regarding the activities of the EVS project. Participants also participated in organizing and conducting activity “Living Library of volunteering”, and they visited volunteer office in city of Šibenik. The project used non-formal learning methods and activities were implemented in a multicultural environment with communication in English language. All participants upon completion of the main project activities received Youthpass certificates.

Results of the proposed project are improvement of competencies and skills of persons working with young people in the creation of promotional campaigns (Living library of volunteering) for the purposes of public advocation and informing of public, the adoption of new working methods by which organizations will be able to be more successful at attracting new volunteers in their volunteer base, raise awareness of EVS and new skills that participants have adopted through the exchange of experiences with other participants from other countries. The project contributed to creating a new international cooperation among the partner organizations and their networking created fertile ground for further joint work on similar projects. One of important results of the project is expert document / brochure “Conclusions and recommendations for promoting volunteerism” which is consisted of learning outcomes that the participants acquired during the main activities in Šibenik.

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