Arts Connecting Youth

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Arts Connecting Youth

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This project exceeded all our expectations. We were going alone, not knowing anyone, to Spain not knowing what a ride it’ll be. We expected to try a variety of Arts, but we came back with so much more.

The 10 days spent in the beautiful peaceful Spanish village called Pinofranqueade in the middle of nature were not enough. Over the past 10 days, we’ve been developing our creativity more and more day by day, going through all kinds of arts, relaxing, discovering new cultures and seeing a lot of beautiful places, building new friendships, getting to know each other.But also exploring ourselves and our limits out of our comfort zones. We would have never expected to have done such art, we’ve made sculptures, makeup, clothes by ourselves, we’ve spray painted the whole walls for the first time and we hope not our last :)).

The point was to support our creative thinking. An action that comes from inside our minds based on feelings, thoughts or the atmosphere around us. Most of our assignments were abstract and we did not stick to the exact assigment of how the final products should look. But that was exactly what was amazing about it, to create an art by our own, with what we got and what we felt. The people gave us much more than we dreamed of: the warmth, long-lasting friendships,the laughs, love, dancing and talking to the mornings while looking at the stars,crying our happy tears and having a long big hugs.To Laberinto Hurdano belongs a big thank you for providing us a safe space to be in, time to be just us, to be heard without judgment and for being our home for a minute.

This 10 days in Pinofranqueado , in a middle of some olive field gave us unexplainable experience, it gave us peace and we hope everybody can experience a feeling like this at least oncein their lifetime, just a simple act of not worrying about anything surrounded by gorgeous people and beautiful nature.

Thank you ADEL for providing this opportunity!